Tuesday, December 2, 2008

opening day March 31, 2008

Its opening day for baseball season and it’s snowing out, oh well. This is my favorite time of the year. Baseball season is my favorite season from spring to fall. I’m not just talking about baseball here I just seem to feel my best through spring to fall. Baseball is my metaphor for my life. I feel rejuvenated in the spring, a fresh start anything seems possible. After a long harsh cold winter and I first hear the crack of that bat I take a sigh of relief knowing I made it through another winter. Knowing that soon I will no longer be isolated in between these walls. I will no longer complain about the weather no matter how hot and humid or rainy it gets, I’ll leave the complaining about the weather for the next winter. I fine baseball to be poetic and even some what romantic, just like life. Everyone starts out fresh in the spring when everything is blooming and coming alive. Then ends when things are starting to die out. I feel this could be a good season for myself I’m optimistic for a "winning season" this year. It is going to be a long fun spring through fall. I can’t hardly wait to see what happens for myself.

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jiggins said...

Dude I'm diggin everything about this first post and the name of your blog. Looking forward to reading more. See ya on the next post man!