Monday, December 8, 2008

electronic reactions and manipulations of light

Life comes down to one thing really...and that is use. How did we use the time given? Did we squander it idly on a couch watching others live their lives through a series of electronic reactions and manipulations of light? Did we lose our connection to reality through the expertly woven sequence of similes and metaphors laced ever so delicately in tangles of nouns, adjectives, and verbs? Or did we explore the wild blue and green that paints this rock we call home, lost in an infinite universe of possibility and dream? I'd like to believe I've done the latter...that to date I've done everything I can to breathe every instant with intent and without regret. But I feel I would have to be a damn fool to make that claim...and most of the populace in this world...but a sparse few...could truthfully make that claim. A good number of us have given up on dreams for fear of rejection...that's always the justification...rejection is the source of all that prevents us from living our dreams...rejection of a lover, rejection of a friend, rejection of a boss or coworker, rejection of a social class, rejection of a family member...the list continues...our world breeds heroes and then consequently teaches the rest of society that we will never accomplish a similar status...magazines paint imagery that the majority will by no means paints rock stars that are god like and are for worship ...movies paint dreams that could never be our own reality ...we live to be someone else...or at least that's what we are lead to believe.


jiggins said...

It is so extremely important to find out what works for you in this place and get down to making it happen. You are right about the building of statues that we are told that we cannot live up to. It is a common theme in our History as Humans.

It is up to the individual groups and then ultimately the individual to set a path, find out how to travel it best and do it.

(i quit t.v. awhile back.. and that makes all the difference too!)

jiggins said...

Where did your new post go? "I'm unsatisfied. I'm unsatisfied in life." Hope everything is ok man.