Tuesday, February 3, 2009

What is the Multiverse?

What is the multiverse? Since I named my blog after it I feel it deserves a post. The multiverse is a hypothetical set of multiple universes including our own. That together comprises all of reality. The different universes within the universes are sometimes known as parallel worlds.

This may sound something straight out of science fiction, well in fact it is countless of science fiction book, movies and television have used the theme of parallel worlds. But before it was used in science fiction it was a scientific theory.

To put this in prospective we once believed the earth was flat, we once believed the earth was the center of the universe, so why not more universes?

It has only been in the last five years or so that this science fiction has turned into science theory. There has been discovers in space such as the WMAP cold spot. The WMAP is a region of the sky seen in microwaves which is unusually large and cold relative to the expected properties of the cosmic microwave background radiation or CMB. The theory is that this spot could be an imprint of another universe. Many leading physicist do believe in the multiverse although they differ on what exactly is the multiverse.

One theory of the multiverse is called a level I multiverse. It is an open multiverse it is infinite in size all of the universes are connected together, there is no begging or end to this multiverse. In this multiverse that is infinite universes would eventually start repeating witch means our universe, galaxy, solar system, and earth would repeat an infinite number of times. So with this we would exist in an infinite number of universes. In these universes we would be doing all kinds of different things, but in some we will be doing the same thing as we are doing in this universe an exact copy, and in other universe that are like ours we would not exist at all.

One theory that I find fascinating is the black hole theory. When a black hole sucks in all kind of matter from planets to suns to countless galaxies no one is sure were all this matter goes. The theory is the matter comes out of a white hole in a different dimension the multiverse and this massive explosion creates a new universe; also know as the big bang theory.

Yet another theory is the bubble theory. In this theory the multiverse is in a different dimension where all the universes are floating around like soap bubbles and when these bubbles (universes) collide with each other they create a new universe.


Alan said...

I find all this freaking amazing to think about- wormholes and string theory and all. I also wonder if reality exists beyond my point of view. Talk about ego. When I have a toothache it seems to exist, lol. I'm being silly. You might enjoy the Great Ideas posts of mine on Laid Back Think Tank.
Nice post.

jiggins said...

I feel like I have read this post so many times and I don't know how this is the first comment I've left - but as for this post.. I like i alot.

I enjoy trying to wrap my head about things like String Theory and Multiverse. They are definitely interesting fields of study.

It is all about perception.. in more than one manner. Just yesterday I heard that there could be potentially billions of planets that may support life.. when you think of it like that - it just feels as though you have as good a chance as any to meet one of those other life-forms someday. Random I know but you get the point. Good post.

jiggins said...

Where you at bud?

jiggins said...

where are you bud?

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