Monday, January 19, 2009

Minnesota winter

If you have never experienced a Minnesota winter first off be thankful, second it can last for as long as six months. This past week has been a brutally cold it was an entire week of sub zero temps. On the coldest day we reached -30 bellow zero and the high was a balmy -4 bellow, this was the actual temperature the wind chill was about -60 bellow zero.

If you have never experienced this type of weather conditions the best way that I can explain it is hurts. It hurts to breath you know its cold in Minnesota when your lungs hurt from breathing in the cold air, every breath you take. It’s the kind of weather where your noise hairs freeze.

Not only is it the cold but is the never ending snow. It seems this winter it has snowed almost every day I’m so sick of the snow and the cold. I’m just so sick of this winter. I honestly can’t remember the last time I saw the sunshine, maybe mid-December.

Maybe the saddest thing is when I heard that it was going to get to 9 above zero I got excited, and when it did get that warm I felt that it was warm.

This week it’s supposable in the 30 and 20. Time to break out the shorts.


Charli said...

AH! I feel your pain!!

Well - not really. I lived in Syracuse, NY for a while. We got SO MUCH lake effect snow and very cold temps. A winter that never ended.

Here in Boston, people freak out over a foot of snow. Like it's all over the news and snow emergencies are declared - as if we're in Arkansas and we never expected this to happen.

Still, we had wind chills of -16 this week and it SUCKED. I'm dreading my heating bill.

Prince NaKi said...

i like your posts. and thanks for following my blogs...naki

jiggins said...

Man, I have been near some cold winters but nothing like what you have described. I think the Ton Ton is a perfect visual too! I had a little laugh at that one! If you should ever find yourself in that situation, at least you will have the belly to keep you warm! "Oh. I thought they smelled bad on the outside."

Alan said...

Wowh, nine above zero shuts our state- Texas_ down.